As a teaser for their fans, Germany’s The Ocean have released a new track, “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams,” from their forthcoming album “Pelagial.”  The track can be heard on the band’s official Metal Blade Records page.


“Pelagial,” set to be released in late April, is The Ocean’s sixth full-length studio album, and perhaps their most ambitious to date.  So far, the album has been described as “a progressive musical journey written, recorded, mixed and to-be-performed-live as one single 53-minute piece of music” and is set to be released as a double CD set, with both vocal and instrumental versions of the album.  The concept behind the album is meant to correlate with one’s journey into the depths of the sea, “through all five pelagic depth zones: epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathyalpelagic, abyssopelagic, and hadopelagic,” and as one goes deeper down, the music shifts to align with the sea’s depth and one’s personal experience [ie. from light to dark and progressive to sludgy – ed.].


“Pelagial” Track Listing:

1. Epipelagic

2. Mesopelagic: The Uncanny

3. Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses

4. Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams

5. Bathyalpelagic III: Disequillibrated

6. Abyssopelagic I: Boundless Vasts

7. Abyssopelagic II: Signals of Anxiety

8. Hadopelagic I: Omen of the Deep

9. Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believe

10. Demersal: Cognitive Dissonance

11. Benthic: The Origin of Our Wishes


Currently, preorders for a special edition release of “Pelagial” are being accepted via the band’s page, courtesy of Pelagic Records.  The special edition packagings are available in both CD and vinyl format, and are comprised of the album packaged in special acrylic boxes.  The CD version comes as a digipak, and the vinyl version contains the album on four vinyl discs, with both versions including a DVD movie “all of which will be ‘buried’ underneath five thick acrylic layers, colored in different hues of blue, each layer reflecting one of the five pelagial depth zones.”

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