If you aren’t familiar with Moshpit Tragedy Records by now, then this would be a really good time to remedy the situation as the label has just announced that their entire sixty-five album catalogue is available on Bandcamp and is free to download or for a donation. If that’s not enough, one hundred percent of all donations from the site will go to Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary near Stratford Ontario Canada! So if you want to get your lugholes round some awesome crust/doom/death and grind whilst helping out your animal brethren, then you can pay them a visit here.


Since 2007 Moshpit Tragedy has been putting out pay-what-you-want digital releases from the likes of Total Fucking Destruction, Extreme Noise Terror and Phobia (some with no minimum donation) and is widely regarded as the pioneer of the pay-what-you-want concept. Rayny Forster, Moshpit Tragedy’s founder commented:


“We’d like to show the world that kids who are into the punk and metal culture can actually be a group of really positive people.  In many instances people on the outside looking in just see all the black clothing and long hair and assume it’s all about negativity.  But in fact, that is just an outlet to help get all the frustration out.  Many people involved are also supportive in animal rights and other humanitarian activities, and we are happy to be able to help promote this sort of positive action.  I would like to thank all the bands we work with who have graciously agreed to ultimately give their music to this worthy cause.”


Find out more about the work that Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary does here.


Visit Moshpit Tragedy here, or donate via Bandcamp.




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