Anette on the Imaginaerum World Tour


Anette on the Imaginaerum World Tour

Symphonic metal legends Nightwish ended an era today, announcing that Anette Olzon has resigned as vocalist “in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.”


In May 2007, Anette was chosen to replace Tarja Turunen in a decision which proved divisive among fans. Regardless of preference, this change sparked a dramatic shift in Nightwish’s creative direction and style, a shift that according to today’s announcement has led to “a division from which we cannot recover.”


Nightwish have reassured fans that no shows will be cancelled, and that ex-After Forever and ReVamp vocalist, Floor Jansen, has stepped up to the plate and will complete the Imaginaerum World Tour with them.


The band remain positive and proud of their work with Anette (Imaginaerum [2012] and Dark Passion Play [2007]) and of the shows that they performed as a band.


With no permanent replacement for Anette proclaimed, the speculation continues.


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