The DeathtripWhat will make you take notice of Deep Drone Master, debut album of The Deathtrip, is that it marks the return of Aldrahn’s (ex-Dodheimsgard) unique, beastly and mesmerising voice. It also features Thorns’ Snorre Ruch touch.



Now that we have your attention, you should know that the music is actually composed by fresh blood. UK-based guitarist Host (also in Thine) founded the band in 2003. “The full-album debut, long ago established to be titled Deep Drone Master, was finally recorded, re-recorded, and mixed across a span of several years” the press release tells us. Working on The Deathtrip in the dark, Host attracted the interest of demonic trumpet, Aldrahn. One thing lead to another and black metal mastermind Snorre Ruch got involved too!



“As The Deathtrip is the most interesting and the best black metal I’ve come across in many many years, it was an honour to be asked to mix their debut album”, Ruch comments.



The recording lineup was completed by drummer Dan “Storm” Mullins and bassist Jon Wesseltoft.



Deep Drone Master draws near… you can almost feel its breath. It will be available on 14 November 2014, via Svart Records.

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