Some interesting moves this month from Daemon Worship Productions (DWP). Free compilation and other reports of bold moves from their artists kick off a powerful 2014 for the label.


2014 is now well underway and DWP reminisces its past two years. This creates an opportunity for all to catch up with the great bands that this label hosts. In the people at DWP’s own words:  “To celebrate the last day of the calendar 2013 year and to relive what DWP went through over the last few annual cycles we decided to offer a free Daemon Worship sampler online for you to share the experience with us. Gathering songs from twenty and one bands that we worked with and will work with in the future. Various flyers and artworks are included in the archive. Download, listen & share. This is a chronicle of two years of Darkness, Damnation & Death!”


In other news from the label’s ranks, Greek black metallers Serpent Noir welcome a new member. Cain Letifer, the leader of Greek visionaries Acrimonious and an ex-member of the Acherontas coven has joined their ranks. He will handle guitars on live performances, as well as contributing to the upcoming Serpent Noir opus, which is currently being shaped. Meanwhile, the band’s debut mini album Sanguis XI was recently released as a gatefold LP via Hellthrasher Prod.


Further, the Israthoum/Chalice of Blood split is now ready and will be available very soon. You can read about it in a previous post here.


Time for some bandcamp surfing!

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