Sudamérica Brutal II: No Sleep ’til Medellín!

ONCE AGAIN: Zero Tolerance has landed in South America! Our three-man documentary team have said goodbye to the Colombian capital of Bogotá after a week of madness, mayhem and close encounters with the country’s infamous riot police!


Alex de Moller, Jack Latimer and Ro Cohen met with MASACRE manager Nelson Varela, who kindly gave the trio an ‘underground’ tour of the city and took them to see Immortal at the Teatro Metropol. The crew got their first look at the plight of Colombian metalheads when riot police stormed into a waiting crowd outside the venue – indiscriminately smashing angry fans who couldn’t afford the cost of a ticket ($60 US).


Bottles, pieces of wood and other projectiles were hurled at police as they pursued the crowd with water-cannons, riot shields and batons. Though the ZT crew were not involved, we were seemingly as guilty as anyone else! All else aside, Immortal redeemed themselves after their faulty performance at Bloodstock Open Air, those who made it inside were absolutely ecstatic.



After conducting a number of activities in the capital, the local underground caught word of our presence – we were interviewed about the project on a metal radio show at the Politécnico Grancolombiano. Many thanks to our hosts Juan, Laura and Miguel!  Bogotá was truly a blast, but now, a different experience awaits…


The city of Medellín – home to Colombian bands MASACRE, REENCARNACION, BLASFEMIA, PROFANACION and PARABELLUM. A city famous for violent music and violent life. Medellín, former home to Pablo Escobar, formerly ‘murder capital of the world’: A glowing mountain sprawl, drifting slowly into hell. After 15 hours travel, we found ourselves right in the midst of this legend – and in the company of some of the greatest ‘Metaleros’ on the planet.


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