Sticksman Fred Estby’s extreme metal pick ‘n’ mix!

After more than 20 years in the death metal scene, former Dismember/Carnage drummer Fred Estby expresses his passion for extreme music with his latest project, Necronaut. In 2008, Estby started to write and record material with a grand plan of inviting different vocalists to appear on each individual track. Dubbed Necronaut, the project would become a reality just a year later when Estby began contacting his hit-list of metal musicians.

Estby is currently finalising the as-yet-untitled album, slated for release later this year via Regain Records. Necronaut is being touted as a raw slab of old school metal, and while the term “old-school” goes a long way in accurately describing the sound that one should expect from Estby & Co., we’re told to expect “so much more” from the band who are taking a “crude and dead simple approach, a la early Bathory and Venom mutated with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but with an unorthodox bass-heavy production that allows the album to stand out amongst its peers”.

The album features, among others yet to be announced: Erik of Watain / Hellbutcher of Nifelheim / Chris of Autopsy / Janne of Grand Magus / Nicke of ex-Hellacopters/ex-Entombed.

Well hello there!

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