SPOILER ALERT: Issue 106’s crossword answers!

Issue 106’s crossword answers.


  1. Sigh Album: Hail __ Hail
  2. Jan Axel Blomberg
  3. What is Blasphemy’s Nocturnal Grave Desecrator And Black Winds real first name?
  4. Animal blood, ritual and fire…
  5. Who was the “Grand Master of Hades & Mayhem”?
  6. Which Bristol based death metal band released the Parasitic Slavery Album in 2019
  7. Who heard the ‘Horns Of Gondor’ on their Sword’s Song album for Napalm Records
  8. Drudkh Album: Blood In Our _
  9. How old was Death Angel’s youngest member when they released The Ultra-Violence?
  10. Who is the only Manowar member not holding a sword on the cover of Into Glory Ride?
  11. Name the instrumental track on Cannibal Corpse’s Gallery Of Suicide


  1. Mastodon were formed after their four members met at a show of what band?
  2. Fill in the lyric: ‘Fly into the __
  3. What band did Wagner Lamounier start after leaving Sepultura?
  4. Plugged in magician
  5. Which city has had the most Metallica shows?
  6. Which famous band did Slayer’s Kerry King briefly play live for in 1984?
  7. Which Pig Destroyer album was the first to feature a bass player?
  8. Unruly teen
  9. Who is being used as a slingshot on the cover of Celtic Frost’s To Mega Therion?

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