Madrid based ritualistic death metal unit Spectrum Mortis have made a pact with Listenable Records for their next three albums. They were forged under the sign of Baal Spectrum Mortis in 2015 to offer their unholy black rituals. 

So far Spectrum Mortis have released two mini albums: Blasphemare Nomen Eius in 2016 and ‫קדוש‬ in 2018 and they are currently working on a split album with Hacavitz (Mexico).

The band has also begun songwriting for their upcoming full-length album for LISTENABLE as they comment: “We want to recover the essence of both EPs and translate them into an authentic black celebration that keeps on enhancing the obscure arts and dimensions we have managed to create with those earlier works. This congregation will continue to write cold riffs of death under the path of ancestral rites and traditions, always with extreme care and obscure dedication.”

You can follow the band on Facebook and stream/purchase their previous materials on Bandcamp.

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