BELGIAN DOOMSTERS SERPENTCULT have unleashed four tracks from their upcoming album ‘Raised by Wolves’, due on the 22nd of July via Listenable Records, for streaming online. Listen to the tracks HERE.


Serpentcult’s second album was produced by Frederic Caure, recorded and mixed by Nico Vander Eecken and Frederic Caure, mastered by Esoteric’s Greg Chandler.


Following tracks have been posted:

‘Raised By Wolves’
‘Crippled And Frozen’
‘Longing For Hyperborea’
‘Growth Of The Soil’


The second album of the band, formed after the break-up of Thee Plague of Gentlemen in 2006, has been in the pipeline for a while, commenting back in 2009:  “We are actually working intensively ‘somewhere out there’ in a farmhouse in the beautiful fields of Flanders… This environment creates the perfect atmosphere for the creation of this album!”


“We can’t wait to bring you our new songs […] live. Also expect some upcoming European dates to be announced soon!”



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