Serpent NoirThe black metal union of Serpent Noir have finished work on their new album Erotomysticism. The follow up to Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness (Open Up The Shells) will be soon be available from Daemon Worship Productions.


Serpent Noir were formed in 2006 in Athens, Greece. With Michaya Belfagor of Ofermod fame behind the drums since 2012, the new album sees Cain Letifer of Acrimonious also in the band, while musical contribution has also been provided from Christofer Johnsson of Therion!

Guitarist/bassist Yiannis describes Erotomysticism to ZT as “extremely different in the musical field. We bet it’ll be a grower but will polarize fans. If you expect norsecore, kult this and kult that metal, then you are in for a big surprise. It’s definitely rooted in more classical soundscapes, old metal, hard rock, some occult metal sounds of old, corresponding 100% to the theme of ‘Erotomysticism’ we deal with in this album. It’s still pure at heart and soul. Why to do something we have already done in the past?”

Different as the music may be, the lyrics still remain largely fixed on the powers of the Dragon – with lyrical contribution from the esoteric philosopher Thomas Karlsson. “We walk the different and enchanting curves of the Draconian Path and the Draconian Tradition” Yiannis stresses. “We delve into these themes deeper than ever before. Other than that we can simply say that is an expression urge coming from the unconscious and subconscious Mind.”

The band appear to be in full swing, stating that they will be “performing live selectively and making a couple of split releases after the full length sees the daylight. We are a very creative entity thus expect much music coming.”


Tracklist for Erotomysticism:
1.The Veritable Red Dragon
3.Al Runa
4.Desert of Azazel
5.The Dioscuri of Darkness
6.The Initiatrice of A’arab Zaraq
7.Mephistophelian Pacts

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