For those of you who like your death metal with a certain amount of ‘tongue in cheek’ humour and a degree of (scratch that; better make it, tons of) absurdity, you will be pleased to hear that Dutch band The Monolith Deathcult have signed to Seasons of Mist and will be releasing their forthcoming album, entitled ‘Tetragrammaton’, later this year.


Those more familiar with TMDC will probably already know what to expect, however if you are a newcomer, the band have taken the liberty to describe what their next studio offering will entail. Bassist/ vocalist Robin Kok had this to say, “Our newest CD will be a pastiche of left-wing cant, fawning references, grandiose quotations and outright nonsense structured around the silliest lyrics we could invent about history and war. I shall have an article published about it in next month’s Poststructuralist vs. Leavisite Quarterly in the Theoretical Mathematics & Automatic Rifle Review Supplement”.


If you’re still left in total bewilderment then fear not, it seems even the members themselves are somewhat baffled. According to Carsten Altena (synths) working with the band, “Is like standing naked in front of a mirror, with just a carrot and a world of possibilities. It feels like a having a cold shower: first you don’t want to do it, but afterwards you feel enlightened”.


Providing your brain hasn’t turned to mush at the very thought of that image and you’re still hungering for more on TMDC, you can get your fix here:


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