With the Zero Tolerance sponsored Dublin Day Of Death only three weeks away Limerick representatives ZEALOT CULT had this to say:


ZT: Please briefly introduce the readers to Zealot Cult.


Zealot Cult: We are a 4-piece Death Metal band from Limerick in Ireland, who’s paths have in crossed in various bands over the years. Two bands broke up so the four of us got together to play. What came out is the result of our collective influences, which is the old Florida/Stockholm/English DM scenes or basically any release that came out on Earache/Roadracer between 1988 and 1993’ish ha ha! We’re just four heads that love Death Metal. The name came about from messing around with songtitles, lyrical content, anything extreme but in a fanatictal/extremist sense which happens to describe a Zealot, an extremist, almost militant individual. So we decided to stick the word Cult after it, imagining a collective with that deranged kind of mentality where life is of little importance and where death is the ultimate reward There you have it, Zealot Cult. Death Metal.


ZT: You list yourself as pagans. Are lyrics of this nature as well?


ZC: The term pagan is from the Latin paganus, an adjective originally meaning “rural”, “rustic” or “of the country.” It also means not belonging to Christianity, Islam or any religion, basically a heathen. I’d say the latter description would best describe us. Some of the lyrics to an extent would therefore be “pagan” in nature in regards our attitude towards religions but it is definitely not our intention to be a “Pagan” band. Our lyrics deal with death as we are a death metal band.


ZT: How did you record the demo? Are you happy with the release?


ZC: Our demo was self recorded in our practice place so everybody was involved and I think that a band vibe can be heard on the release, just four guys playing in a room. Everything was multi-tracked but we didn’t bother with click tracks or metronomes, we just jammed with the drummer on his takes so there was no “punching in/out” and we wanted it to sound like a band and not a machine (like a lot of the over-produced, super-edited “bands” that appear every millisecond on the internet). We recorded each instrument separately afterwards.We used our own equipment so what you hear is what you get. It was a rewarding but often fraught learning experience ha ha. We had it mixed and mastered by Alwyn Walker from Westland studios and we are very happy with the release considering as it was a self produced affair. It has been well received and anybody that has heard it liked it so we can’t complain. We were happy just to get something out there.


ZT: What are your thoughts on today’s UK/Eire metal scene as a whole?

ZC: To be honest I think the scene (collectively be it Doom, Death, Grind whatever) in the UK/Eire is very healthy and creative. There are some really great bands in the underground scene. Bands I’m liking a lot lately vary into different genres. I’m not going to namedrop bands but the quality of bands and musicians has spiralled upwards in the last few years and it is an exciting time to be playing with some killer bands. There is a lot of passion in underground music.


ZT: You are playing the Dublin Day Of Death. Are you looking forward to the gig? What are your thoughts on the lineup/event.

ZC: We cannot wait to play this gig. it is all we have been thinking about since we were asked to play. Personally, I think this is a killer line-up. I fucking love Necros Christos. To me, those bands have “that” something to them, there’s just an aura about the music that draws you in. I really like what I have heard of Scythian and Zom are an excellent band. I caught them live recently, got the demo and I’m just hooked on it. Pure filth!. For us to be added to a bill like this is an honour and we cannot wait. This line-up is why we love playing the music we do.


ZT: What’s next for Zealot Cult?

ZC: What’s next for Zealot Cult is recording. We have a few songs that we have been writing since December 2011 and there are 99% complete. The songwriting feels more complete and we just let the material take it’s own course so we plan on recording really soon and have another release out by summer, hopefully. It will be a self-recorded affair again so we’re experimenting with different sounds/techniques etc till we find what we like and then eternally commit to tape so to speak. That is the main priority, a new release. Other than that, we have a few gigs lined up so it’s more or less business as usual.


The Dublin Day Of Death, organized by Into The Void Records (Dublin’s premium underground metal and tattoo merchant), will be headlined by Germany’s Necros Christos. The bill also features London’s Scythian plus Dublin’s Zom. The ceremony will take place at the aptly named The Pint in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, on the 31st of March. Join the event’s page HERE.




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