Saturnian Mist, Finnish black/death kvltists, have signed with Candlelight Records for their new album! Chaos Magick, the band’s second full-length will soon be available via the UK label.


Saturnian Mist emerged from Tampere, Finland, formed in 2006. The band was originally founded by vocalist fra. Zetekh and guitarist fra. Chaoswind in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. Initially, the two members only used the help of local session musicians in releases like Self-titled Demo (2008) and Repellings EP (2009).


A self-titled demo was released in February 2008 via French cult label Drakkar Productions, known for introducing bands like Mütiilation, Watain and Deathspell Omega to the world. From the demo, the sound of Saturnian Mist evolved from a traditional Finnish black metal sound more toward harsh and straightforward black metal, of which full the embodiment was the Repellings EP.


Saturnian Mist’s debut album titled Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan was released in December 2011 via Finnish underground label Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions. The album succeeded in raising eyebrows as a result of its eccentricity. Theirs is a combination of black and death metal that breaks some conventional standards of black metal, with influences coming from the areas of traditional heavy metal (including guitar solos, composition style, and the distinctive vocal delivery of fra. Zetekh) all tied up with theological, philosophical and psychological interpretations of the occult and the archetype of the Devil.


The lineup that forged the debut split-up in 2012 for various reasons. With several different line-ups Saturnian Mist promoted the debut album while sharing the stage with bands like Necros Christos, Antaeus, Mgla, Archgoat and Black Crucifixion. The lineup remained unstable until 2013 when fra. Ptahaz was added on guitar and fratres Vile (drums), Macabrum (bass) and Psychonaught (percussion) joined the band, making Saturnian Mist a six-piece group.


In the beginning of 2014 Saturnian Mist signed to the legendary Candlelight Records and started preparing the second album Chaos Magick to be unleashed to the world.


Conor Droney (Candlelight Records A&R) commented: “Saturnian Mist first came to my attention through the fantastic Repellings EP in 2009. These guys play raw black metal with hints of thrash and will have you hooked with their face pounding riffs, threatening chord progressions and screamingly evil music. An another excellent addition to the Candlelight roster!”

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