GERMAN PIRATES/HEAVY METALLERS RUNNING WILD have reformed (having broken up in 2009)! A new album entitled ‘Shadowmaker’ has also been announced – due in April 2012 via SPV/Steamhammer.


Frontman Rolf “Rock ‘N’ Rolf” Kasparek speaks about the reunion: “My comments in spring 2009 about the demise of Running Wild were absolutely serious at the time. I really needed time out and, to be honest, couldn’t imagine even in January 2011 that I would ever feel like recording a new album again. But when I had the inspiration for a best-of album, to which I wanted to contribute four new numbers, I rediscovered how much I enjoy composing. From then on it was only a small step to record a full new studio album.”


“To me, ‘Shadowmaker’ is a very special album because there was no pressure, timewise or otherwise. I feel it’s clearly audible that this relaxed attitude helped me to write one of the strongest Running Wild recordings of all time.” He adds.


A video message featuring Kasparek can be seen HERE.

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