UK’s doom-fans are up for a treat this Sunday (23/10/2011 @ Purple Turtle) as Funeral of Mankind unleashes the best doom line-up of the year. Zero Tolerance spoke to organizer Paola Postali:


ZT: Doom Over London is now in its second year. What makes this year special?
Paola: This year’s bill is even more focused on Death/Doom Metal than the year before, I tried to put together a line up that would complement each other rather than being a mélange of different styles.

ZT: Can you tell us about the bands on the bill?


P: This year we have Saturnus and Esoteric co-headlining. Saturnus being a Melodic Death/Doom band from Copenhagen and Esoteric is a Dark Experimental Death/Doom band from the UK.
The support bands are The Prophecy – Progressive Death/Doom from UK, Decemberance Death/Doom from Greece, Eye of Solitude Death/Doom from UK, Ophis Death/Doom from Germany, My Silent Wake Death/Doom from UK and Dead Existence being the only Sludge band in the bill.


ZT: What about Funeral of Mankind? When was the group formed and what were the initial motivations behind it?


P: Funeral of Mankind was formed in 2009 with the intention of organizing shows focusing purely on Doom Metal after seeing the lack of it in the UK.I was travelling abroad a lot to see festivals such as Dutch Doom Days and Madrid is the Dark and wanted to set something similar up over here.


The first installment of the fest featured Lord Vicar, Ramesses, Inborn Suffering, The Wounded Kings, Indesinence, Alunah and Bast.

Thanks for dropping in!

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