Napalm Death are set to appear at Roadburn Festival on 10 April 2014. The festival continues its tradition of special vinyl releases for guest bands with the UK legends’ Our Pain Is Their Power 12” EP.


The organisers state: “In conjunction with the special live set concentrating on the slower, painful, dirgy elements of Napalm Death at this year’s festival, we will release Napalm Death’s Our Pain Is Their Power EP to commemorate their appearance at Roadburn 2014 on Thursday, April 10 2014. The EP collects those slower tracks that drip with sonic anguish from the last few albums onto one EP in a one-time run of 500 copies, to be sold at the Roadburn Festival 2014.”


The songs, of course, are nothing short of sheer brilliance- though in atypical Napalm Death style:

Side A: 1. Persona Non Grata 2. Smear Campaign 3. Atheist Runt

Side B: 1. Morale 2. Our Pain Is Their Power 3. Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Power)


Napalm Death’s lungs of anguish Mark Greenway said: “I think it’s fair to say that live and on album Napalm Death has always had more of an emphasis on a bare bones approach – just hit the ‘go button’ and it should all just about stay on the rails. However, there are other layers to the band and recently we’ve been in situations with more potential to pluck those from our repertoire. So, this EP gives you a significant flavour of that – as will the live performance. Although the music isn’t entirely identical, I feel the moroseness and sheer desperate bludgeon of early Swans is a big factor for us in creating this different type of mood. Hopefully we can emulate that kind of power.”

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