It is with sadness that Zero Tolerance reports guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (GridLink, Mortalized, Congenital Hell) has been forced to retire from music, possibly for good, due to health issues.   


GridLink had already decided to call it a day before the release of their latest progressive-grind full-length Longhena in February this year, but vocalist Jon Chang recently released a statement indicating anyone hoping the band may one day reform will be extremely lucky.


He said: “It is with terrible sadness that I must announce that Takafumi Matsubara is putting down his guitar and stepping away from music, likely forever. Approximately one month ago, Takafumi was hospitalized and doctors discovered he had a serious infection/inflammation in his brain. While the immediate danger has passed and Takafumi is out of the hospital, he has lost significant dexterity and control of his left hand, including the complete paralysis of his middle finger.


“As of today, Takafumi has permanently stepped down as lead guitar from Corrupted and Mortalized. There is a small chance of recovery through physical rehabilitation and extended medical treatment, but Doctor’s were not positive about his ability to play guitar again.  The GridLink album Longhena will likely be his last work. He would like to extend his warmest regards to the artists that he was able to work with over the years and people he met through the band.”


This is sad news for fans of his work, but Takafumi’s health is obviously the most important thing and he still leaves behind a fantastic legacy from what he created with GridLink, Mortalized and all the other projects he was involved in. Our thoughts go out to him and his family, wishing a quick and full recovery.

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