Malfeitor “Dum Morior Orior”
Hellthrasher Productions


You don’t expect much from a band you’re unfamiliar with and release their album through a small, underground label, do you? Well, Malfeitor’s “Dum Morior Orior” has all it needs to prove you wrong. The debut album from the Swedish veterans, who formed the band back in the heydays of Svensk DödsMetall but never got around to record a full-length outing up ’til now, simply forces you to grab a beer, sport a devilish grin and yell along “die fucking die fucking die fucking die!”. They do know how to go about it.


Sure, utilizing the old formula is by no means groundbreaking or outstanding. The unbearable love for the classic Sunlight Studios sound shines through all way round, it has to, however, be said it’s not a mere tribute to what they say should be already buried by time and dust. The Swedes nimbly draw inspirations from early Nihilist/Entombed and Unleashed yet blend it with a somewhat Floridian approach to satanic guitar harshness, early Morbid Angel swiftly coming to mind. And believe me the lads are very competent at writing just good, catchy songs. Take “Conversation In Minor”, “Beyond The Horrorizon” and “Scenes From A Slaughterhouse” as good exemples of Malfeitor’s proficiency and rest assured you won’t be disappointed. This stuff really cuts through the space as if the Horned One drove a bulldozer (with a well powered battery too, the drumming is awesome on this one!) and leaves not much behind. It’s heavy, it’s brutal nad sees you ask for more.


Again – nothing new or extraordinary but if that’s how “unimaginitive” death metal should sound, I’m all satisfied. Good work!

Thanks for dropping in!

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