‘Conception’ EP


Grindcore Karaoke



A word of caution, this is a recording that should not be approached lightly. The fact that this Chicago based powerviolence outfit features ex-members of Socially Retarded and Bongripper and has managed to impress the ears of Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist J. Randall, should get those of you with a degree of self preservation to tread carefully. However if like me you are incredibly dumb/brave (please delete as applicable) you will fly into this five track offering with a ‘devil may care’ enthusiasm and will quite rightly be met with an aural haymaker, planting you squarely on the fleshiest part of your arse.


To say ‘Conception’ is a brutal record is an understatement, in fact Consent have done all in their power to disassociate the word from the beautiful image of life being given. What you get is a punishing mix of both harsh noise and powerviolence the likes of which would leave serial butcher and sadomasochist Albert Fish nervously soiling himself in the corner. Yet aside from the sheer velocity accredited to most powerviolence bands, there is a degree of intelligence within Consent’s music. Rather than an 8 minute blast of hardcore structured beat downs, shrill vocals and laboured, chugging riffs, Consent break up the concussive assault on your auditory senses with a caustic din of static and noise, guaranteed to make even the most seasoned veteran’s ears bleed. When you’re not being battered by the runaway rhythm section and slabs of guitar riffage, you’re slowly being driven insane by the piercing cacophony that punctuates the record at premeditated points throughout.


This release goes a long way to affirming Consent as a band to look out for in the coming months. Whilst not without a couple of minor imperfections (more than likely by design) the five untitled tracks on this EP serve as a forerunner to what could be much bigger and better things for the band. The purpose of ‘Conception’ is very similar in purpose to the hunting strategies of a pack of wolves, working in unison to stalk their prey before unleashing a wave of frenzied attacks to bring down their victim. This is a record that brutalises the listener then leaves them disorientated and weakened ready to be devoured at will.


You can download ‘Conception’ from Grindcore Karaoke, here:


David Tuckwell – 4



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