Rapid Fire:



“Heavy rock and metal from 1970–1984 – NWOBHM and that era in metal generally are the best, and we all love that sound and everything about it, really…1982!” proclaims Amulet guitarist Heathen Steven when asked about influences. Indeed, Amulet are a labour love, a quintumvirate of metal maniacs. “It was unavoidable, really – various friends that met at festivals or shows end up playing music together because they have the same taste and get on.” Total dedication and HM honesty are key to the success of debut demo Cut The Crap. “Yeah, man – it’s been very positive, and we appreciate it. We’ve had a great response from every continent, and selling out of the 200 tapes in less time than it took to make them… couldn’t ask for more from a first demo.” (For those who didn’t manage to get a copy, the sought-after gem was recently reissued by Mordgrimm Records on 7” vinyl.)


The vibe within the band is of paramount importance to Amulet, and the addition of guitarist Daragh ‘The Marksman’ Markham (also of Sepuku) has brought further virtuosity to the lineup. “Yeah, he’s on guitar now, and we’re very happy to have him join,” enthuses Heathen Steven. “Tone, who played on the demo, was a friend that stepped in at the last minute when our original axe-wielder had to bail. Once the demo was complete, we auditioned for a full-time lead-player, and Daragh killed all opposition.” The ‘Marksman’ seems to have slotted into the fold smoothly – possibly a sign of a proper band at work? “We all bring a few riffs and then bash the structures out together, mainly without too much fuss. Our singer, Jamie [Elton], has a righteous ‘70s bungalow in North London that we rehearse in now. So that’s Amulet HQ, and we’re writing as much as we can there.”


Heavy metal has been making a wee comeback in recent years, but can the native isle of metal ever regain the crown and sceptre? “There is a nice little scene starting up right now,” agrees the guitarist. “Some of the best old bands are back, and some great new ones are springing up; it’s an exciting time. Heavy metal is not as dead as it was, but it still feels like the underdog. Never surrender!”


[origin.london uk formed.2010 band url.facebook.com/amuletmetal current release.cut the crap 7”]

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