Rapid Fire:

Neutron Hammer


Neutron Hammer’s founding triumvirate evoke an iron storm upon fellow Finn Miika Virtanen. The poor sod…


“All hail the dire and grey Kuusankoski!” proclaims drummer Malediktus, referring to Finland’s renowned paper capital, the origin of Neutron Hammer. Almost a decade has passed since the sticksman first united forces with vocalist Kaosbringer and axe-man Pervertor to spew out vile old-school sacrilege… “Nine years have passed since the formation of the band,” enters Kaosbringer. “A lot has changed since then, but the flame still burns as bright as ever.” Incessantly raging winds have challenged the fire, with members scattering across the country, turning rehearsals into logistic nightmares. Countless musical projects of prolific magnitude (such as Horna, Ride For Revenge, and Lie In Ruins) have not exactly helped, either. How do band members manage to keep an overview? “Do one project at a time, finish it, and move to another,” states Pervertor. “We have to sacrifice time from other things that bother our lives, like girlfriends, jobs, grave desecrations, and other basic shit.”


After a demo and two EPs, the time had finally come to unleash the band’s debut full-length, Iron Storm Evocation. “Malediktus and Pervertor write pretty much all of the music. I create most of the lyrical insults, and together at rehearsals, we forge the arrangements,” reveals Kaosbringer. “The writing process was long,” adds Malediktus. “Well, depends on the point of view… I mean we basically hadn’t been writing any new material for a very, very long time, but once we really got into it again, everything fell into place rather quickly.” “I’m very lazy at writing material, and I do it better when playing at rehearsals and jamming,” admits Pervertor. “‘Preacher Of Blasphemy’ was a song that we wrote from scratch the day before recordings, and the result was so good, we put it on a record.”


The outcome is the aforementioned Iron Storm Evocation, a filthy affair armed with a production as vicious as the fiercest flames of hell. “We only knew what we didn’t want – that being your average black/thrash production,” explains Malediktus. “It’s primitive and unprofessional, like we are as a band. The music boys with their golden ears will definitely despise the sound. I think a good underground production rejects conformist standards and excessive equipment-masturbation.” “Yet the result is very satisfying in its own perverse way,” adds the aptly-named Pervertor, as Kaosbringer concludes: “The album’s heavy, filthy, and ‘in your face’, as it was supposed to be.”


[origin.kuusankoski.finland formed.2003 band url.neutronhammer.bandcamp.com label url. primitivereaction.com current release.iron storm evocation]


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