Chile’s epic/doom metal pilgrims Procession are currently working on their second full-length album. The band are going to record the follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2010’s debut “Destroyers of the Faith” later this year.


Guitarist and vocalist Felipe Plaza has shared some news regarding the progress of “To Reap Heavens Apart” via the band’s official Facebook profile: “First of all and after months of analysis, chats and life-unexpected-events, Francisco Aguirre is no longer in charge of the drum artillery in Procession. Basically, he´s being kept busy with his other band (Attacker Bloody Axe… check it out!), building the new Capilla Ardiente material with Claudio and just recently, forced to move to a different town which would mean even less time to try and make him part of composing/recording process of the new tracks. Of course this is under the most friendly of terms, he´s in heart, will and memory one of the headstones of Procession´s history… keep it up ‘dolape’!
This basically means we´ve taken the decision to incorporate Evans/Pro-Mark artist (and In Solitude´s drummer) Uno Bruniusson as the official drummer of Procession. For those who ignore it, he´s been live/session drummer for us for more than a year, demonstrating to be a contribution both on stage and, most recently, on creative ground on the ongoing ‘TRHA’ sessions.
This, along with the inclusion of Jonas Pedersen on guitar only means that the Procession got heavier, thicker and angrier.
We´re sure nothing else but satisfaction can come out of this new pact, as confirmed this last weekend with the ‘apparition’ of one more song for our next album.
All nations will tremble…”


Procession will play Dublin Doom Day Festival (Ireland) on September 29th, together with Solstice, Argus, Revelation and more. This is going to be one of the few selective dates the band are doing this year.

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