ZT have joined forces with Cult Of Parthenope to premiere Polish black metallers Odium Humani Generi’s video for the song ‘Wracaj’ taken from the upcoming album Przeddzień.

The record is set for release on October 10th 2020 via Cult Of Parthenope.
Pre-orders now available here :

Devoted to the classic 90’s black metal atmospheres, Odium Humani Generi’s musical concept is enriched by intense urban depressive themes and some very personal lyrics.  Their sound, influenced by the likes of Mgla, Taake and Lifelover, has many serpentine twists creating a uniquely melanchonic atmosphere.

Przeddzień tracklist :
1. Wdech
2. Interludium I
3. Samozatopienie
4. Wracaj
5. Interludium II
6. Ulice
7. Znów
8. Interludium III
9. Larwy
10. Przeddzień

Odium Humani Generis will tour EU with depressive black metallers Psychonaut 4 to support the new album. The currently confirmed tour schedule is as follows:
15.10. Czech Republic, Prague, TBA
16.10. Germany, Berlin, Blackland
17.10. Germany, Bitterfeld, Festung
18.10. Poland, Warsaw, Metal Cave
19.10. Poland, Wroclaw, Muzyczny Alive
20.10. Poland, Krakow, Oliwa
22.10. Belgium, Fontaine L’eveque, Mcp Apache
23.10. Germany, Erfurt, From Hell
24.10. Germany, Oberhausen, Helvete

The album comes out via Cult Of Parthenope on 10th October 2020.


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