We’re pleased to be able to share music from Wolcensmen‘s forthcoming album Songs From The Fyrgen, due for release on November 30th via Norway’s Indie Recordings.

For those who don’t know, Wolcensmen is the project of Dan Capp – also of the UK’s Winterfylleth – and comprises dark acoustic music and folklore. Most of us who listen to extreme music need to come up for air every once in a while – some more often than others; bands making music like this can provide us with an atmosphere we crave without crushing us to pieces under its weight. Songs From The Fyrgen was originally released (and sold out of its limited run) in 2016 by Deivlforst Records, but having caught the attention of Indie, has been completely remixed and remastered ahead of its reissue at the end of this month.

The track shared here – ‘The Fyre-Bough’ – takes the listener on a beautifully atmospheric journey; its authentic vocals, acoustic guitars, the deep sound of the cello – courtesy of Canadian Raphael Weinroth-Browne – soothing flutes and modal harmonies evoke the mystic glow of a time passed.

Dan comments: “‘The Fyre-Bough’ has become one of Wolcensmen’s biggest and most iconic songs, and was composed quite effortlessly. The theme is that of how the natural and ‘supernatural’ weave into one another, and how respecting these eternal, hidden patterns is the path to contentment.”

There’s also a new EP on the horizon entitled Songs From The Mere which sees Dan collaborate with cellist Jo Quail – this will be released as a bonus EP included with the Songs From The Fyrgen reissue. It’ll be available separately as a digital release in early January.

You can pre-order Wolcensmen’s Songs From The Fyrgen at this location.

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