Pig Destroyer have unveiled the first track from their forthcoming album ‘Book Burner’, entitled ‘Burning Palm’, available to view as an animated lyric video via Relapse Records’ official YouTube channel. It is Scott Hull and company’s first recording in over five years and will be released on October 22nd, featuring nineteen tracks of their trademark no-holds-barred style of grind noise. In an interview with Unhallowed Nation, Blake Harrison (electronics) gave his insight into what you can expect from the rest of ‘Book Burner’:


“This record is a little more stripped down, it’s leaner and meaner. ‘Phantom Limb’ had more of a “thrash” vibe to it in my opinion and I feel that ‘Book Burner’ is more of a grindcore record. There’s a lot of short little bursts of violence packed into this thing.”


You can pre-order ‘Book Burner’ here.



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