News reached us today that the UK’s standard bearers of the Funeral Doom sound, Pantheist, have been hard at work forging the latest entry into their esteemed canon. We’re told it’s taken time and patience but now, seven years after their self-titled album, the UK-based four-piece are ready to announce the release of their fifth full-length: Seeking Infinity.

According to the information we’ve received, listeners can expect the album to be a “decisive return to the band’s funeral doom roots whilst still incorporating the atmospheric and progressive elements that have become an integral part of Pantheist’s sound over the years”. Comprising six tracks and clocking in at just over 60 minutes, Seeking Infinity will be released on digipack CD by the band’s own label Melancholic Realm Productions, and on double vinyl by the Spanish label The Vinyl Division on 14 September 2018.

If the band have flown over your head these past years you really should check them out.

Pantheist 2018 lineup
Aleksej: Bass
Dan: Drums, Backing Vocals
Frank: Guitar
Kostas: Vocals, Keyboards

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