In the current issue’s editorial message I commented that I hoped we’d be going to press without the need to add another RIP on the magazine’s spine, at least, not for a while – so many musicians have died over the past months – and all of them too soon.

But we learned that this won’t be the case, as it’s with more sadness that we’re announcing yet another untimely death as guitarist Ralph Santolla has passed away following a heart attack on 31 May 2018 where he subsequently fell into a coma; his life support was withdrawn and the guitarist died on 6th June 2018.

Santolla’s distinctive shredding inspired so many as it burst through on albums from Deicide, Obituary and Iced Earth – to name a few. Our thoughts are with his friends and family, and it should be said that the world of extreme music will be a poorer place without his continued contribution.

Santolla leaves behind a brilliant musical legacy, so we’ll sign off with one of his solos. There’s also a neat tribute montage you can watch over at Obituary‘s Facebook page.



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