Emerging from the Mexican catacombs of the grotesque (pun intended) are obscure death metal worshippers OMINOUS CRUCIFIX. After various splits, demos and EPs the band are about to release their debut full-length album ” The Spell of Damnation”, due out on January 13th via Germany’s FDA Rekotz. It will comprise of eight new tracks of crawling, rancid and occult death metal that is promised to appeal to fans of Vallenfyre, early Asphyx, Necros Christos and Sonne Adam.


The band’s vocalist Rubens issued ZT with the following statement: “It has been more than 4 years now since our demo; a cycle has been completed for us. This is our first album and expect not be the last. Through the hunt of a very particular sound of death, our passions have been petrified into this ‘The Spell of Damnation’ that hopefully might be a complete death metal ritualization. For you! All Death Metal followers”.


The tracklist for the album is as follows:
1. Third Day Resurrection
2. Putrid Purity
3. Primitive Sin
4. Defiling The Altars Of An Absent God
5. Secular Omens Of Doom
6. Church Of Death
7. The Spell Of Damnation
8. Repulsive Sanctification Of The Absurd


You can stream the album’s teaser at THIS LOCATION.

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