Irish label Invictus Productions have set April 17 as the release date of the debut full-length album from New York’s esoteric trio Occultation – “Three and Seven”. The band is the brainchild of E.M.M., otherwise known as Nameless Void, from Negative Plane and features the haunting, eerie and melancholic vocals of V.B. (who also performed female vocals on Negative Plane’s sophomore album “Stained Glass Revelations” and A.L. The style of the band stems from metal and more alternative music with influences aplenty from Joy Division, The Cure, Christian Death and Diamanda Galas as well as subtle nods to Mercyful Fate.


According to a press release, the overall feel of the album could be likened to the atmosphere conjured throughout Herzog’s classic “Nosferatu: The Vampyre” from 1979.


EMM himself issued ZT with with the following statement: “With our first full length entitled Three & Seven we have refined and expanded upon the sound of our demo Somber Dawn. The album was recorded using reel to reel equipment making it both heavier and more atmospheric. The songs on this album explore the imagery of dreams and the apocalypse, however we feel it’s best for the music to speak for itself instead of defining it with just a few words”.


Occultation plan to tour both Europe and the US in 2012 and into 2013 in support of the album.

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