Lvcifyre are a London-based horde whose metal of death is particularly savage. They feature members of Necrosadist as well as ex-members of Adorior and Coprus Christii, and recently gave their debut performance. ZT spoke to T. Kaos, the mastermind behind the maelstrom of malignancy…


Firstly, introduce us to Lvcifyre and what you are about, as well as a brief history of the band and its origins…

Lvcifyre is the formula of progress, inner fire manifesting through wrath and hunger, the very tiny emanation of dwelling in darkness. The band started somewhere in 2007, when I left Adorior. T.Slutsodomizer joined me as we were about to focus more on our side project Whorelicker. Soon after S.Bonewhipper of Devilyn, and Witchmaster fame joined us, as did The One from Razor of Occam and we started working on new stuff, but the music became very intense, high feeling and complex, which was a bit far away from the primitive spirit of Whorelicker, so we changed the name to Lvcifyre.


How would you describe your sound?

Ancient, Obscure, Aggressive.


Could you give us some insight into your lyrics and themes?

The lyrics are occult and mythological research based on rejecting the God creator that is willing to devour our consciousness, and becoming one with whatever is left once our flesh is dead. Lvcifyre is a crooked path of high self-awareness, a rejection of the unity with light and resurrection of our will in darkness to become the God. You will find that in all our lyrics.

T. Kaos was previously in Adorior, as well as T. Slutsodomizer, though he is not part of Lvcifyre anymore. Why did these two members leave Adorior in the first place?

Adorior is one killer band. Sadly it is not existing enough for my standards and that is why I decided to leave and focus on something more regular and active.


What would you say are the differences (or similarities) between Lvcifyre and Adorior?

For the few years I was involved with the death breath of Adorior we gained from each other, and I think we polished our styles towards each other. I could be wrong, but that’s what I feel/hear. I think the massively intense and high feelings is the biggest attribute we have in common – the music itself is very different. Adorior are much more chaotic and thrashy, whereas Lvcifyre is burning on solid fundaments of Death Metal.


Dictator has now replaced Slutsodomizer in Lvcifyre. How did this come about, and why did Slutsodomizer leave the band?

I remember he called me and said that he did not really feel it anymore and Lvcifyre requires a lot of focus and time to master, so it was obvious that he was done here. He is a very cool guy and friend of mine for years now and we are still running Whorelicker somewhere in the depths, but Lvcifyre is too much for him.


Being the duo who formed Lvcifyre, Kaos and Slutsodomizer, is Slutsodomizer’s absence an issue?

No, it is not and it never was. I am sort of the main transmitter (even if it does sound cocky). I would love to have him back in the band, but it is just not his thing.


How did you pluck Menthor from Corpus Christii? How is his addition to Lvcifyre working out?

He is one killer drummer, the best I have ever worked with, totally focussed on Lvcifyre and the drumming techniques that this Beast requires. We get on very well, we rehearse a lot and write new stuff. He is the second part of the Lvciferian death machine. Dani from Adorior recommended him to me, so we got in touch, talked a bit. He took to Lvcifyre from the very beginning and no one can reach his evil blast beats.


Lvcifyre also features members of Necrosadist. What prompted a change in direction from Necrosadist?

Menthor is also involved with Necrosadist. He mentioned Alex a few times so we decided to give it a go and see how things worked out. After a few rehearsals we knew that Alex was the good choice to stand with us under Lvcifyre’s wings.


What are your goals for Lvcifyre? Where would you like to take the band?

At the moment Lvcifyre is the small snowball thrown down from the mountain peek. It is starting to grow, but it is still small. We will go as far as the Beast takes us. We want to show his presence to the world in all possible forms: sonic, visual and in the flesh. Much is being planned.


Tell us about your full length… where/how/who was it recorded with? Were there any memorable experiences during the process?

Hard work as far as I remember. It was executed in Factory studios with Janusz Bryt in the role of sound producer. Great guy, he knows what we need: no shitty over produced and over compressed sound, just pure organic and natural sound, raw and massive. The whole album was recorded between me and Menthor. I loved recording the vocals, in the massive basements that to me remained dungeons. We recorded straight after the whole place was flooded, so the rotting smell was always present. The place had amazing natural reverb, so big that we started fixing acoustic panels around the mic to bring down the effect – that sounded so killer. All of us were very focused and had a great time.


How did Blood Harvest come into the picture?

Rodrigo is a very good guy. We did not have a written/signed contract or anything like that, but he is a man of his word, he believes in the band and that is  what maters to us. The second opus will probably be released by Blood Harvest as well.


You recently did your debut live performance. How do you feel it went? How do you think Lvcifyre was received?

I think it was OK as far as people’s reaction goes. We had a video projection of infernal fire explosions that just mesmerised people – they looked so hypnotised from the stage. Straight after that we got some offers to play more, so things started rolling for Lvcifyre.


What’s next for the band, have you got any more appearances coming up that you can tell us about? Any upcoming releases?

In Autumn this year we are planning to record another opus. That is our main focus at the moment. Regarding live shows we would rather not say anything until it is 100% confirmed, so keep your eyes/ ears open. But we are definitely up for it.


Summon the infernal invocations HERE

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