Featured on the cover disc of issue #082 of Zero Tolerance Magazine, Swedish band Nightborn hope to draw attention to their country’s vital, but often overlooked, thrash scene.

“Nightborn started as a one-man thrash metal project in Sweden to draw attention to the thrash scene which traditionally has not been very active and strong in this country,” says sole-member Arda K. “The band name derives from one’s ultimate obsession with the night, where darkest aspects of human nature come to life under the veils of blackness. All music, compositions, arrangement and lyrics were undertaken by me – the only member at the moment – which has been a lot of fun, but also proved to be quite the challenge. That’s why I’m currently searching for suitable musicians to start playing live and to tour with, and of course to start working on the second album.”

As we can hear on the covermount track ‘Hemorrhage Of The Soul’, Nightborn’s music is certainly rooted in thrash metal, but with a few twists and turns along the way. “I did not want the songs to revolve around a single riff and expand from there. Nor did I want them to have classical structures. Therefore, I used and combined a large variety of riffs, tempos and measures in a more independent way. But in the end they all tied to a bigger picture in each song without getting lost. So I wouldn’t say my music is progressive. It might take a couple of listens to get into the songs properly, thought. People are used to short songs that have a simple hook and they don’t want to be challenged beyond that. That is is not the case in this album. I also stayed clear from constructing traditional straightforward thrash songs. There are often slower parts and melodies to keep it more interesting.”

Of his reason to include ‘Hemorrhage Of The Soul’ on this issue’s covermount, Arda says, “Mainly because it is a shorter and more straightforward track that would be a good introduction to Nightborn’s music. The song is about how governments use patriotism, religion and similar rhetoric that are directed at people’s emotions to keep them under control; and how they design the education system to indoctrinate and keep people’s minds on a leash. In essence, it is about the hatred towards authoritarian leaders and rulers. It fits with the rest of the CD musically because it incorporates strong melodic and fast tempo thrash elements and it connects lyrically as it aims to showcase the angry emotions that dwell within people for various reasons. The aim is to grab the audience and don’t let go.”

While Nightborn is currently a sole project, the aim is to ultimately expand the lineup and take to the stage. “I have been in the metal scene since 1996 and I love playing live,” Arda says. “For Nightborn I am currently looking for members so once that is done, yes, we will definitely start playing gigs. These songs deserve to be played live since they are so much fun to play. However, I think a band should always have good internal dynamics. So for me, personality comes before how technical or a great player someone is.”

You can check out issue 082’s entire covermount CD by clicking here as it’s now streaming.

Band name: Nightborn
Formed: 2012
Origin: Sweden
Current release: Skyless
Track featured on #082’s covermount CD:

Nightborn is: Arda K.

Connect with Nightborn:


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