Chilean black/death metallers Wrathprayer have announced that their latest work, ‘The Sun of Moloch’, is due for release in December 2011. Under Nuclear War Now!, the album will consist of nine tracks and will be the bands first full-length attempt since their formation in 2006, following up two demos released in 2009 and 2010. Nuclear War Now! has released The Darkest Fyre as a sample track and commented, “this is the ultimate essence of the Sun-God, embodied in the flesh pillars for our temple.”
– Prayer I (Rev X:VII)
– In Visceribus Bestiæ
– From the Depths of the Phlegethon
– Ritualization (Rev XIII)
– The Darkest Fyre
– The Annunciation I:I (Vermis Precatus)
– Devourers of Light
– Sun of Moloch
– Prayer II (lmlk)
Hear The Darkest Fyre here.

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