IT WAS THE GIG TO END ALL GIGS. Never in the 24-year history of Medellin, Colombia’s extreme metal scene had such an insane collaboration occurred than that of October 22nd, 2011.


Like a merciless sonic storm, the anthems of MASACRE, REENCARNACION and  ex-BLASFEMIA/PARABELLUM vocalist RAMON RESTREPO pummelled the inner walls of a small bar in Envigado, former home to Pablo Escobar. Heads flailed and Christians wailed as the unholy trinity and forefathers of Medellin conquered all, each band producing a devastating set.


Following the commendable effort of local act, DEATH KULT, the legendary REENCARNACION took to the stage. It was truly an odd thing to behold – a troupe of young musicians including 20-year-old guitarist Juan Diego Velez stood either side of their iconic vocalist “Piolin”, who began an incredible tirade. Ranting, raving and screaming through a set of 888 classics, the philosopher tyrant left no doubt that Reencarnacion are still still at the top of their game – and more!


The members of MASACRE were clearly inspired by the madness, and when they took to the stage – hell was upon us. Barbaric anthems like “Sangriente Muerte” and “Imperio del Terror”, incited the crowd into a state of alcoholic warfare. Beer flew like it was going out of fashion, hair flew in unfathomable waves and bodies jerked, possessed as as the chest-beating ALEX OQUENDO and his crew crushed, killed and destroyed. Guitarist Juan Carlos Gomez blew up his amp halfway through the set, but this was no deterrent. Masacre charged on with an onslaught so terrible that many were left exhausted.




RAMON is what you’d call a crazy bastard. Leaping, screaming….leaping and screaming all over the stage, his name emblazoned on the back of his jacket. The ex-BLASFEMIA/PARABELLUM vocalist is the final solution…and the perfect explosion. Howling like the lowest denizen of hell, he fires off a number of original tracks (All of them good), in tandem with classics from his two main bands. If you thought he was mental in the ’80s, just look at him now! He’s totally fucking bonkers, absurd and extremely dangerous. He’s the figurehead of metal Medallo and a man who puts the ‘skull’ into skullet. To witness Ramon Restrepo scream the lyrics to Guerra Total was like a trip to the devil’s olympics. All hail Blasfemia!


As we turn our backs on Medellin, we salute the diehards and metaleros of this amazing city in the mountains. Only two words could suffice to remember this monumental gig:




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Photo © Jack Latimer


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