Instrumental crossover duo Fossils dig up another record, now available (as of 3 March 2014) through Indisciplinarian. The band pounds ten songs into 20 minutes for the new album Flesh Hammer, limited to 300 black vinyl copies (digital also available).


From Denmark, Fossils are minimalist; just bass and drums heavy noise rhythm gurus, with punk and metal roots intensely brought forth. Check out the unpredictable simplicity below.


From Fossils website on their creativity: “Fossils are constantly looking for new ways to express the raw power of the duo-set up with just a standard drum, one amp, one bass and one pedal. The band plays both big and small stages, their favorite however is to create a spectacle playing floor shows, allowing the audience to get close enough to witness both details and the extreme power that the live show is all about.”


Order the Flesh Hammer vinyl through Indisciplinarian, also you can stream and buy the album digitally at FOSSILS Bandcamp page.




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