Swiss black/death duo Bölzer will release the follow-up to their much acclaimed first EP Aura titled Soma in 2014.


The group posted on facebook the following regarding the new EP:  “To any persons hitherto unaware, confused or curious as to the significance of our forthcoming second EP Soma, a short notice of clarification: this 3-Track release is intended to compliment its predecessor Aura in theme and appearance. The spirit/body concept sets a dualistic platform for a cyclic life/death introspective, revolving around war, waged in both the physical and metaphysical spheres. Soma is expected to be release early 2014 through the mighty Invictus Productions.”


Aura was released this year through Iron Bonehead Productions in the formats of a 12” MLP on 140g black vinyl with a 350g reverse side board jacket limited to 1000 copies and in a golden Tape version limited to 300 copies. An MCD edition is also available through Necroshrine Records.

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