Chilean bringers of doom Procession are only days away from playing Hammer of Doom festival in Germany. As stated on the band’s webpage, their appearance on 16 November 2013  will be “one more of the special ones we’re making this year with our Greek ‘5th member’ friend and comrade A. from Dead Congregation on guitar”


So, first things first: The band is now based in Sweden. Into more interesting news, the creators of ten ton albums “Destroyers of the Faith” and “To Reap Heavens Apart” have teamed up with Dead Congregation mastermind and death metal giant A.V. for some live performances lately, “as Claudio is unfortunately back in Chile these days”.


Amazed by this partnership, we contacted the band to ask how it came about. This is how guitarist/singer Felipe describes it: “Me and A.V. have been in contact for some years now, due to trades and purchases with his label Nuclear Winter and of course since we’re Dead Congregation addicts as well! So was quite surprising to discover in him some dark passion for doom metal classics and to hear how much he enjoyed both our EP our first LP when it came out. One thing led to the other, we met in Athens in 2011 on our last gig of that Tour and he offered his satanic services whenever needed. We’ve played 3 gigs with him so far and the chemistry is undeniable, plus for me is a total different (and quite relieving) experience to take the bass guitar and sing. Is the best solution we’ve found when the original line up aint available…and what the hell, he’s become naturally Procession’s 5th bastard child…Doom is Death!”

Thanks for dropping in!

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