dayal's book coverDayal Patterson, the author who brought us the highly acclaimed 2013 release, Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult, has not been resting on his laurels since writing what is said to be one of the most comprehensive books to follow the birth and development of the black metal genre. His latest endeavour, Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One, is to be the first in a series of books to examine this worldwide phenomenon in much greater depth..

With a release date set for 31st March 2015, The Cult Never Dies Volume One is comprised of exclusive interviews, with a number of artists who have never spoken about their careers before, and many images that have until now remained unpublished. Three particular facets of the genre are focussed on; with a return to the subject of Norwegian black metal, discussing Polish black metal and telling the story of depressive/suicidal black metal. Features and detailed interviews with bands such as Satyricon, Manes, Kampfar, Wardruna, Mastiphal, Mgla, Bethlehem, Shining and many more are included..

If the above information wasn’t enough to get readers excited, the following testimonies from some of the featured artist should do something to entice those taste buds:.

“Dayal’s previous book Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult was amazing, and is the definitive guide to the origins of black metal… so when he wanted to include a more in-depth feature on Manes in his new book The Cult Never Dies, both me and Sargatanas were of course ready to answer all his questions. Now, after proof-reading the Manes chapter, I can’t wait to read the rest of the book! it will be just as great as his previous effort, no doubt!” Cernunnus (Manes).

“Giving interviews is not my absolute favourite thing in the world but I always feel very assured that my answers are in safe hands and that the outcome will be as good as it can when doing an interview with Dayal. He is a reflected and observant man and he has an artistic, sharp and clever style of writing.” Kvitrafn (Wardruna/Jotunspur/ex-Gorgoroth)..

“The black metal scene needed this book. Dayal Patterson’s TITANIC work collects all the materials and interviews under one flag: Black Metal: Cult Never Dies. This is the testimony of OUR existence.” Flauros (Mastiphal)

Available as a boxed set and a stand alone book, this release (along with additional forthcoming volumes) is surely set to be a must have for any black metal maniac and underground enthusiast alike..

For further information, check out the book’s official website:

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