Norwegian oldschool hellthrashers Nekromantheon are set to re-release their one and only demo: 2007’s “We’re Rotting”.  It’ll be getting the vinyl treatment from Duplicate Records and also include Nekromantheon’s side of the long sold out “Speed’n Spikes” split ep (with Abigail) as well as an additional unreleased track + outro as bonus.


The label comments: “The quality, production and execution of We’re Rotting easily surpasses that of most demos, heck, even most albums released these days. The fact that all but one of these tracks are exclusive to this release speaks volumes of the productivity of the band and their confidence in their material. While most bands recycle their demography for their first album, We’re Rotting stands head and shoulders alongside Divinity Of Death, and is a classic thrash release in its own right. It’s quite simply a must for anyone into deadly oldschool thrash. Wimps & posers leave the hall!”.


The LP is scheduled for release on November 7th. Ltd. 500, black vinyl in reverse print sleeve.

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