Swedish death metallers of the blackest order, Necrophobic, have found a vocalist to replace recently ousted Tobias Sidegård. The new singer is Anders Strokirk; the same person who screamed on 1993’s Necrophobic classic debut The Nocturnal Silence.


Following their debut, the band presented an uninterrupted line of strong records over 20 years. Slightly before the release of 2013’s Womb Of Lilithu, singer Tobias Sidegard was removed from the band (following his being found guilty on two counts of domestic abuse in 2013). Tobias had been in the band since the very beginning, handling the bass and backing vocals for The Nocturnal Silence before moving to lead vocals and rhythm guitar with 1997’s Darkside. What could Necrophobic do to balance his absence? In with the old: Anders Strokirk!


Necrophobic’s comment is brief and echoes like a sigh of relief: “Anders’ voice is both strong and characteristic. We are now ready to play live again and support last autumn’s album release Womb Of Lilithu.”


There was no doubt that Necrophobic would come up with quality, but this announcement has really raised the stakes!

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