Croydon-based black metallers Necro Ritual are working on their third full-length, Bellum Sacrum. The successor of Nerthus’ Demise promises the finest slab of Anglo-Satanic black metal to date.


Intrigued by the process, we caught up with singer Corseth to see what’s new. We found that things are very much happening; not without setbacks, though… Let’s get the bad news out of the way: “Recently we have been to Dublin and Switzerland to play shows but we are being forced to leave the live circuit for the time being. We have hit more than our fair share of hurdles along the way and we are now currently looking for a new bassist to replace Mezentius. Whilst this will not slow the writing process, we are unable to perform anymore live rituals until he is suitably replaced.


“His reasons are his own and he will undoubtedly go from strength to strength in all future pursuits”


Despite the changes in their ranks, Necro Ritual are bold and vigorous: “Everything is running at full steam, the songs and direction we are taking is shaping towards an album that I can finally call a total representation of Necro Ritual. As ever, we have burnt all bridges behind us and are looking only forward towards absolute evolution!”


Listen to a rehearsal demo of Bellum Sacrum below: 

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