Legendary (now defunct) Swedish Grindcore band, Nasum, have announced that they will be re-releasing their one and only demo, Domedagen, on 7” EP format, for record store day 2014!


Originally being put out in 1994, this year marks the 20th anniversary for the demo, making it a very timely undergoing to mark the occasion.


Founding member Anders Jakobson has expressed the following about the forthcoming release: “This demo was our fourth recording, and although it might seem slightly strange to release a demo just all of a sudden, it was all Regurgitate’s fault. They did a tape, so we did one… The 14 songs included two cover songs, two re-recordings and ten new songs, where the best ones were re-recorded for the Industrislaven MCD. In a way you can see Domedagen as a pre-production as it was recorded with a bunch of fellow sound engineer students of Mieszko’s who had no knowledge of grindcore. It was a fun recording, but perhaps not all that serious from our part. The result became a rough recording that we copied to an unknown number of tapes (not that many, to be perfectly honest) and spread around the world… Power-It-Up contacted me and expressed an idea to release it as a 7″ EP for Record Store Day 2014. I liked the idea – although Domedagen once was a tape and now is a part of Grind Finale, it has never been a record of its own, and a 7″ EP sounded like a cool idea.”


Coming in a gatefold cover, with handwritten lyrics to-boot, this looks to be a tasty little release for collectors to get their mitts on!


The Domedagen 7″ EP will be released on Record Story Day, 19th of April 2014. It will be issued in the following limited editions:

• Record Store Day Edition (300 copies on red vinyl)

• Power-It-up Mailorder Edition (100 copies on amber vinyl + embroidered patch)

• Regular Edition (100 copies on black vinyl)

• Edition (100 copies on white – perhaps with a twist – vinyl)


Nasum, Scandinavian grind-pioneers beginning life in the early 90s, were a powerhouse act whose sound can be seen to have influenced many names in today’s scene. The band’s untimely demise came about due to the tragic passing of its frontman, Mieszko Talarczyk, during the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004.


More information about this reissue can be found on the Power-it-up website, or on


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