Czech Republic’s legendary black metal magicians Master’s Hammer have now self-released their 5th full-length album “Vracejte konve na místo” (Put Watering Cans Back in Place). It was composed, recorded and mixed in Jihosound studio and comprises of two sections – Part Nostalgia and Part Dementia.


In an exclusive statement for Zero Tolerance the band’s mainman Franta Štorm  explains: “The ‘Cans’ story is related to my recent study on graveyard typography, with one of the songs contained on the album. Nostalgia stands for ‘Side A’, Dementia ‘Side B’. Besides that it describes my state of ageing mind.
Another word behind the title, ‘return’ or ‘put-back’, meant working on the album like back in the old times. We had a real drummer again who likes harder music, heavier arranges, and an engineer doing more aggressive mastering. Very little of synths. Not to forget the jaw-harper and aliquot-singer. That’s the line-up I like, all of them brought new ideas, I didn’t had to invent their parts. With these creative men, I’d go even harder next time…”


The tracklisting for “Vracejte konve na místo” goes as follows:
1 Nordfrostkrampfland
2 Šumava
3 Ve vichru nicoty
4 Námořnická
5 Podejte mi samopal
6 Dreaming Bulldog (Intermezzo)
7 Vracejte konve na místo
8 Lovecraft
9 Flammarion
10 Lingamy a mikve
11 Pantheismus Dobra
12 Flammarion Fatal Mix


HERE are audio samples showing about a half of each song. The album is available for purchase through the band’s official website.

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