Polish death metallers Mastema have finished recording their debut full-length album, titled “The Murderer`s Tale”. The material was dubbed at Monroe Studios in Stargard and is being mixed as you read this.


In an exclusive statement for ZT the band commented: “The album sounds enourmously heavy, in fact better than we first expected. The album, however, will be ready in April, and as soon as in May we’re going to start working on new stuff. I reckon the song ‘Vision of Hell’ shows the direction we’re heading into. Time shall tell”.


1. Specter
2. Shattered Mind
3. Bloodthirst Rage
4. Strangled with Barbed Wire
5. Caged
6. Pain – Prison
7. Anthem to the Fallen Angel
8. Vision of Hell


Mastema are currently looking for a suitable label to release the album. Interested parties are welcome to visit their Facebook page.

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