Manowar to re-record Battle Hymns…

Love em or hate em, Manowar are never shy of baring their steeel (someone said we should triple deck the ‘E’). The band have announced that a re-vamp of 1982‘s “Battle Hymns” is set for release this November, with Sir Christopher Lee narrating in place of (the late) Orson Welles on the track “Dark Avenger”. Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, “Battle Hymns 2011” promises a supercharged rendition of the band’s legendary debut. Manowar’s bassist, producer, emperor, master and commander, chancellor, consul, president, high king and prince of peace and lord of lords Joey de Maio said: “My personal admiration for Sir Christopher began many years ago while watching his films. It increased when I was honored to produce him as a singer and as a narrator and we became friends instantly. Immediately after hearing the sheer power and range of his voice I thought I should write a narration; Tea boy Eric Adams said: “I never imagined we would ever rerecord Battle Hymns – but here we are and it is massive. Our fans can be sure that we have squeezed every drop of power into Battle Hymns 2011 that today’s technology allows.” Marmite anyone?

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