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tribulation cd

Tribulation | The Children Of The Night | Century Media Records
Special digibook edition signed by all members of the band!
Available with a 16-issue subscription.
Century Media have really come up with the goods by giving us copies of a highly collectable signed version of Tribulation’s brilliant new album, The Children Of The Night. The album won the coveted ZT Soundcheck in issue 065, and stands as Release Of The Issue, with a near-perfect 5/6 from none other than our esteemed editor Nathan T. Birk, who observes that “in many ways, The Children Of The Night is the album that Watain’s The Wild Hunt should’ve been: a widescreen, arena-ready black-or-death METAL record that bridges the gap between occult obscurantism and everyman rabble-rousing. And you know what? That’s definitely something 2015 needs.” As far as we’re concerned, Tribulation’s The Children Of The Night LP will keep you nailed to the seat for a good long while, perhaps owing to the band’s exhaustive attention to detail, as guitarist Adam Zaars outlines in an extended interview in issue 065: “Our only intention was making art in the form of Tribulation, a piece of art that will hopefully reach out to more people than our previous albums.”

3 cds

House Of Atreus | The Spear And The Ichor That Follows | Dark Descent Records  
Available with an 8 or 16-issue subscription.
The Spear And The Ichor That Follows is the Minnesotan death metal outfit’s debut album, and from the band name to song titles and lyrical content, Greek tragedy and war play a big part in shaping House Of Atreus. Continuously learning more about such areas with a desire to write in a death metal vein has formed a great outlet for founder Dan Huddlestone’s passions, as he comments: “I want to play off the contrast between poetry and war. It was best for me to think of House Of Atreus as an endeavour of recreating moods in classic literature, and adhere it to the ravenous nature of man’s conquest. Art borrows itself to power in that regard, and you can see many examples of this in statues, architecture, and music alike. Glorifying both the aesthetically pleasing while admiring the abuse of humanity in the same breath is like viewing diamonds in the mud rather than the looking glass.”

Nocternity | Harps Of The Ancient Temples | Iron Bonehead Productions
Available with an 8 or 16-issue subscription.
Featured with an interview in issue 065, Greek atmospheric black metallers Nocternity return after a 12 year absence with the excellent Harps Of The Ancient Temples, which looks back to the early ’90s, and further still to ancient Hellas. “I spent a lot of time in the studio making sure the result is exactly where it should be – not a bass drum more, not a bass drum less – it all had to be in the same vibe to make this album, from start to finish, a hypnotic journey to the past. And of course, this album is not for everyone – but let’s say, most people that were listening to this music in the early ‘90s I am sure will get it,” says mainman Khal Drogo.

Dødheimsgard | A Umbra Omega | Peaceville Records
Available with an 8 or 16-issue subscription.
Dødheimsgard joined us for issue 064 to discuss their new album, A Umbra Omega; their first in eight years and highly anticipated. It is not only that Dødheimsgard reshuffle black metal’s cards – again – but also their own, with A Umbra Omega offering longer songs, a wider atmospheric palette, and the return of original vocalist Aldrahn. “It may be a struggle for the listener at first, but as soon as you give up on trying to figure it out, you start the journey. It’s less force-fed in terms of aggression and trying to appear evil, and more open to the listener to get lost in and interpret,” co-founder and guitarist Yusaf ‘Vicotnik’ Parvez reveals. As you’ve come to expect from Peaceville Records, this CD comes in a slick digipack format.


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