Acid ReignThrash destroyers Acid Reign are back in action! The menacing Yorkshire gentlemen return after 24 years with what they call more a reboot than a reunion.

Acid Reign first formed in 1985 and featured members that would later appear in Lawnmower Deth and Cathedral. Their 1991 split-up had left little hope for their return… the band even turned down offers for a reunion show after the reissue of their albums in 2011. Times are a-changing though, and Acid Reign are back in 2015 with a brand-new lineup.

Frontman Howard ‘H’ Smith offers: “Finally the rebooted line up is complete, it’s taken nearly two years but I can honestly say it’s been worth the wait”. Giving some insight into the new blood that has joined the band, H comments: “Everyone in the band has Acid Reign in their DNA. Some of the guys knew the band back in the day and some didn’t, but everyone is on the same page and we can’t wait to get out there and show the world how much it has been missing us”.

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