Longstanding thrash nuts Lawnmower Deth have set up a Kickstarter campaign to get their 1990 debut album Ooh Crikey It’s… Lawnmower Deth re-pressed.


After apparently being inundated with requests from hardcore fans for copies (it has been largely unavailable for nearly 20 years) the band and label Earache Records decided to launch the campaign to get the album remastered and reissued. Rather than being just a cash cow for Lawnmower Deth though, it’s a chance for fans to get their hands on a copy of the album and some exclusive/odd items, with all profits made from the campaign going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.


Lawnmower Deth frontman Pete “Qualcast Mutilator” Lee said: “You know that giddy feeling you get?  The one when you’re 9 and 3/4 old, that one where it makes you kick your legs, the one that makes you run down hills going ‘urgh-urgh-urgh-urgh-urgh’.  You mean you’ve forgotten?  Fear not.  Here’s how to get it back.


“Them lovely people at Earache and now honorary buffoons have decided, after years of pestering, to reissue the now legendary opus that is Dark Side Of The Moon.  Okay, they couldn’t get that, but they have got Ooh Crikey It’s….  Horns.  Heard ya!  And not only that, all profits will go to our most favourite and deserving charity, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  We need your pledges, now!  Show us the money.  Show SOPHIE the money.  You can always chuck the vinyl away afterwards.”


If, and hopefully when, the campaign is successful, Ooh Crikey It’s… will be reissued on CD and vinyl in a limited run, remastered from the original tapes in Full Dynamic Range (FDR) (basically making it sound heavier and clearer than ever).


Pledges from just £1 upwards can be made with the chance to get everything from a signed photo of the band, various different coloured vinyl issues and your name on the CD/vinyl credits, right through to a signed Satan’s trampoline or actual Qualcast lawnmower. The largest pledge available of £250 to meet the band at Download festival and the £125 pledge for a set of Lawnmower Deth Weebles have sadly been snapped up already.


The campaign ends on May 29.


To make your pledge now and not miss out on adopting a Lawnmower Deth sheep click here.


For more Lawnmower Deth information check out their official website here.


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