KetzerGerman black-thrash outfit Ketzer are now signed to Metal Blade Records! The wild-eyed beasts are working on their third full-length which will bear the seal of the gigantic metal label.

Spawned in 2003, Ketzer (German for “Heretic”) have taken the world by storm with their relentless metal mania, manifested so far in three demos (Revenge Of The Ketzer, 2005; Solitary Warrior, 2006; and Witchhunter, 2007) and two full-length albums (Satan’s Boundaries Unchained, 2009; Endzeit Metropolis, 2012).

Commenting on new material and their recent signing, Ketzer state: “In the last few years, working on new songs has been our journey, and it has been an intense one. Musically and conceptually we put everything back to zero. We found an element that gives our music something primal, something natural. It is the deep connection between all of us through making music together. It feels like sharing a fleshless body.”

They continue, “Far back in time, dancing to drumbeats around a fire, entangled in trance, it was all about the magic of one moment. We chase those moments and hope to share them with people all over the world. Metal Blade, as a label that has evolved constantly in its history without ever forgetting their groundbreaking beginnings, will give us the opportunity to reach everyone of you out there. There are many exciting things about to come along our way in the future and we are glad and grateful for being able to take this journey together with Metal Blade from this day on.”

The new, as yet untitled album, will be with us towards the end of the year.

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