Issue 103 Autumn 2021

Look, down there in the list of contents… See it? The live review section! For the first time in a very long time, Paul Castles is back with a Bloodstock Open Air festival review. That’s quite exciting in its own way, isn’t it, as is the number of emails that are now piling into my inbox for tours, festivals and one-off shows. Yeah, we’ve still a way to go yet – and no doubt some bands, venues and promoters may never re-emerge. But, for the many who are busy bashing their keyboards to make sure their message is spread far and wide, we wish them all the best and hope that you, dear reader, get out and enjoy as much live music as you possibly can, while you can – we’ve got some catching up to do!

Isn’t it nice to open an issue on a positive note for a change? Rather than fill the remaining space with a load of old drivel, I’ll just point out that we have a very full edition for you with issue 103. And Carcass on the cover. But you already know that, so I’ll sign off, leaving you to enjoy a very happy looking Aaron Aedy enjoying Paradise Lost’s live appearance at Bloodstock instead – it made me smile; his expression says it all – and a thank you to Steve Dempsey from Down The Barrel Photography for giving us the choice of a great bunch of shots from the weekend to use.

And remember (remember), we’ll be back with a bang in November. Till then…

Thanks for dropping in!

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